Mission Statement

Mission Statement

MSWA is a student organization that contributes to the professional development of each member through its commitment to community service, social action, and education.
Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to provide opportunities for MSW students and the members of the university community to enhance the lives of those local community members who face oppression, injustice, misfortune, destructive acts of nature, and institutional racism. Additionally, increasing community within students in the social work program, professional development, career enhancement, scholarly development, faculty-student interaction, advocacy, outreach and other activities designed to enhance professional development of master of social work students.






Costume Bowling Event


MSWA is committed to community service, social action, and education. By fundraising for an event to help combat mental illness MSWA is able to help the National Alliance on Mental Illness by displaying public support for people affected by mental illness. The aim of NAMI Walk is to raise awareness and help change how Americans view persons with a mental illness. This is leading to ensuring that help and hope are available for those in need. Please join us at NAMI Walk on September 27th in Irvine to help improve lives and our communities one step at a time!

Social work as whole aims to enhance the lives of those local community members who face oppression, injustice, misfortune, destructive acts of nature, and institutional racism. By raising funds for NAMI and participating in the NAMI Walk we are able to come together as students in the social work program and help advocate and raise funds for mental illness. By participating in the NAMI Walk we are also personally doing the outreach necessary to bring upon awareness to the issue.

Designated meeting spot: TBA

Designated contact person: Nicole Macias

Link to sign up:

Link to donate:

Lobby Days 2015

Hello everyone,

Lobby Days is fast approaching and we have great opportunities for everyone to get involved!

1. Creating a T-Shirt (Deadline _____)

Every year, students create and vote on a t-shirt design that will represent Cal State Fullerton and the MSW program at Lobby Days. This is a wonderful opportunity for those creative thinkers and artists of the group.

Our shirts will be ordered through Homeboy Industries. On their website, you have the ability to create a design directly onto a T-shirt or upload your own design. The shirts that we order are the Gildan Ultra Cotton in Navy. Due to logistics, designs should be a maximum of 2 colors, orange and/or white, and no larger than a 10”x12” area.

If you decide you would like to submit a design, please keep designs gender neutral as to be respectful of everyone and remember that these designs are a representation of social work values (e.g. our “Tree” T-shirt was the Lobby Day T-Shirt two years ago). Get creative, get funny, or get sentimental but make it your own!

The final day to submit your design will be ____, the first MSWA meeting of the semester. Please submit all designs to your respective Event/Apparel Coordinator (Brianna Conforti)

2. Participate in the Lobby Day Committee

For those of you who enjoy working in groups and collaborating with others, this is a great opportunity to get your hands dirty! The committee will be in charge of:

* Sign Making: At Lobby Days there will be a rally on the steps of the capitol. Every school makes signs about the legislation to promote the message we are trying to send. This task requires materials to be gathered, designing creative signs, actually making the signs, and making sure they get transported to the event.

*Creating a Chant: Another part of this rally gives schools the opportunity for everyone to go in front of the audience and sing/say a unique chant addressing the legislation. This can either be short and sweet or an entire song, the point is to get the crowd excited. This requires collaborating with your peers to create a unique expression of social justice!

*School Slogan: During the NASW conference, schools from up and down California to gather. Each school is introduced individually. Some just scream as loud as they can and others have created a unique school slogan or chant that is short and sweet to represent themselves when called upon. This also requires creative thinking and collaboration with your peers.

*Supporting Faculty: During the trip, this committee will be assisting the faculty in making sure everything is running smoothly. This may include doing head counts on the buses, ordering pizza for the pizza party, getting up early in the AM to reserve tables at the conference, etc.

This is an exciting event that can only run smoothly with your help! Please e-mail us if you are interested in this opportunity. We would like representation from both campuses so please don’t be shy!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Happy New Year,

MSWA Board

Holiday Cards to Service Members

Holiday Card for Service members

Thank you to everyone that made a holiday card for our service members at our November meeting! There were a total of 60 holiday cards made!!! One the Event Coordinators, Brittany will be mailing the cards shortly! Thanks again for everyone who participated!

Daily Titan covers MSWA’s presence at the NAMIWalks!

Zeila Edrial of the Daily Titan covered MSWA’s participation in the NAMIWalks event! Thanks again for everyone who participated by attending or fundraising for the event! Here is the link to the article Daily Titan NAMIWalks

Last MSWA Meeting

May 10th, 2014
Second floor of the EC-Building

MSWA Upcoming Events

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